Friday, October 19, 2007

Beatrix Potter

Do you believe drawing can talk and move? I have some stories about the girl who believe a drawing can talk and move. The girl was Beatrix Potter.

Beatrix Potter was an indenpendent and rist-tsker girl. But now Beatrix Potter has died because when she is a women it was 1892. Beatrix Potter was an artist she drew a lot of animal, her favorite animal was rabbits.

Beatrix Potter wanted to married with Mr.Wearne. Mr.Wearne ask her parrents, but they didn't allow them to get married.when Beatrix Potter knew that she angry to her parrents. and her parrents gave her two choises. Her parrents left her alone.Beatrix Potter wrote letters every day to Mr.Wearne. After a few days she found a farm and she bought it.

After a few days later Mr.Wearne was sick and Beatrix Potter came to his house. She saw Mr.Wearne sister was wearing black, it's meant Mr.Wearne was dead and she so sad. She came to her new house and she drew a cute frog, but her imagination was bad because she was very sadShe went to her new farm and showed her characters. William Heles came to her house and he talked to the character. After some time they got married. They were very happy.


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