Thursday, February 28, 2008

The Great Glass Lift (Chapter 25)

The other children are disappiaring. Mr. Willy Wonka looked at the small group and the only two children are Mike Teavee and Charlie and the parents are Mr and MrsTeawee and Grandpa Joe. They were going to the lift and then Mr. Willy Wonka press one of the butten. The lift was look like a glass and that was the craziest sifl that Charlie ever seen there is buttons everywhere, the glass was so thick. There is the lable on the buttons.

Mike Teavee want to go to the television room and the lable said “Television Chocolate” and then Mike Teavee was so happy. The lift go up and down and the sideway and long ways and slant ways and any other way. Mr. Teavee was so scared. The lift was flying sike a rocket. And Charlie said it was fun. Mr and Mrs. Teavee were too scared. And the door was open and everybody must be carefull because there is a lot a dangerous stuff around the room.


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