Sunday, May 25, 2008

Fragile Environments

In East Kalimantan, located on the island of Borneo have a mysterious rainforest. There are lots of animals there. Some of us don’t know about this rainforest. There is one waterfall, lots of trees, hawksbill turtles, sun bears and clouded leopards reside. Longtime ago, there are lots of orangutan there, but now they are not there anymore because so many people just killed them because they don’t like orangutan.

About million years ago, the river is very clean. The color is blue and there is no trash. Now the river is dirty, you only can see trash and the color is brown. So many people just leave the river dirty, they don’t want to clean it and if you go to the forest, as you can see the trees were been cut and there are lot of trash like plastic, paper, and more. And so many people burn trash or trees there.

Now the animals were getting more less because so many people killed them. If you go to that forest, you only can see birds. The other animals were not there because so many people killed them. And the plants, so many people cut so many trees and they build a house.

If you go there, what you see is a house not a forest because now there are lots of houses in there. You can not see animal except for birds. Not only birds, so many people bring goats, chickens, cats and dogs. They sell them and they feed them. They only feed there own pets. They killed a bird and they eat them not like there own pet. They don’t want to killed there pets. Now in that forest there is one public that gives the pollution to that forest. It because of the trash, they throw it to the river and the smoke.

So, if you go there please bring lots of plants and plant them. And don’t forgot to bring a plastic bag for your trash and if you see a trash, please recycle itJ


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