Wednesday, May 28, 2008

My Reflection About The Filed Trip

When I go to the waterfall, I was so happy. In the bus, I thought that it will be fun. When we are walking, I feel very tired because at night before that day, I slept at 10 pm. I need a rest. I need a break. If I walk in the front, I will be so slow. So, I just walk at the back. Until 1 hour, I want to go home because I really tired I want to go back to school. If the way to go back to the bus is the same way, I just want to stay.

After one and half hour, I almost there and I feel so happy. I can hear the sound and wow, the waterfall is very high. It is 150m. When I go to the waterfall, grrr the water is very cold. I really enjoy it, I like the water. It makes me feel good. I want to go there again. After Ibu. Hana said it time to go back, I feel so sad because I can’t play in there again.

After I walk and walk I feel so tired again. I need a rest again. After a long walk, I saw the bus. I feel so happy and then I ran to the bus and waiting for my bag because the person who bring my bag were not yet come. I wait in the bus drinking my drink and then he come and I take it. After the bus went back to the school, the AC is broken. I feel so hot. I want to eat ice-cream. After I come back to the class room, I was take a rest and then I continue my lesson.


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